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These define various default site preferences, including access keys and component sizes.

  # Access keys - hold Alt (Windows) or Control (Mac) and 
  # tap the indicated key on your keyboard to trigger the 
  # corresponding action.
  'ak_edit'          => 'e',     # edit page
  'ak_history'       => 'h',     # page history
  'ak_recentchanges' => 'c',     # Recent Changes
  'ak_save'          => 's',     # save page
  'ak_saveedit'      => 'u',     # save and keep editing
  'ak_preview'       => 'p',     # preview page
  'ak_em'            => 'i',     # emphasized text (italic)
  'ak_strong'        => 'b',     # strong text (bold)

  # Editing components
  'e_rows' => '20',              # rows in edit textarea
  'e_cols' => '70',              # columns in edit textarea
  'Site.EditForm' => 'Site.EditForm' # location of EditForm

If you'd like to customize these preferences, to create personal user (browser) preferences, make a copy of this page somewhere, preferably as Profiles.insert_your_name_here-Preferences, edit that page with your new preferred settings,
and then select Set Preferences of this Page on the page containing your newly created settings.
This sets a cookie on your browser which tells Pm Wiki where to find your personal preference settings.

To unset this cookie and revert to Pm Wiki's default preferences,
select Revert to PmWiki Default Preferences.

See also »Cookbook:UserConfigurations about how to customise the edit form for personal use.

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