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There are several mailing lists available for PmWiki.

[ »pmwiki-users ]
This is a great resource where a very helpful group of people will answer questions and discuss Pm Wiki development. Traffic is around 20-40 messages a day (on slow days :).If you ask a question on the list and it doesn't get answered, don't feel let down. Just ask it again. It probably slipped by unnoticed.
[ »pmwiki-announce ]
Announcements of new version releases. The archive is at:
[ »pmwiki-users-de ]
A mailing list for german-speaking users of Pm Wiki. Archived at


  • If you reply to a digest message, please remove the messages irrelevant to your reply before sending it back to the list. It's also helpful (but less important) to change "Re: pmwiki-users Digest, Vol [...]" to "Re: [the original subject]" because some mail programs determine threads based on the subject.
  • If you address a reply to a single list member, please take the [pmwiki-users] off the subject line, or it's possible for your message to get lost in the mailing list traffic. Many people filter list traffic to a separate mailbox.

Changing mail list settings

Here are some tips regarding changing the mailing list settings:

  • Logging in...
    • First go to »
      and enter your e-mail address in the field at the bottom of the page,
      to the left of the button Unsubscribe or edit options.
    • Next you need to enter your password. As you've probably forgotten this,
      use the button Remind at the bottom of the page to get a new password.
    • Finally enter the password you should get momentarily via e-mail.
  • You can directly go to the options web page through a URI such as the
where <user> is everything before the @ in an e-mail address,
and <domain> is everything after (
For those who wonder, the %40 in the URI just stands for '@'.

Newsgroups (NNTP)

You may be interested, that the lists are also accessible as newsgroups.

The NNTP server is:


The groups are:


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